Eminent Domain

Watch Out CitiStorage. Eminent Domain Wants to Head Your Way!

Future Bushwick Inlet Park

Let me tell you Greenpointers, it’s no fun being the bearer of bad news. And yet here I am, again, to warn you about the latest doozy to hit Bushwick Inlet Park. If there was ever a time to bust out the Pepto Bismol its now, because what I’m about to tell you ain’t gonna be easy to digest.

North Brooklyners have put up a good fight so far. We’ve overflowed City Hall, rallied on Kent Street, and now we are urging Governor Cuomo to save the last precious bit of open space were we promised over 10 fricking years ago. And yet at every turn, nefarious forces have come out of the fold, hell-bent on building two more towers on the charred remains of the CitiStorage site.

The latest proponent for such a real estate deal comes from none other than our own former Public Advocate, and current Mayor, Mr. Bill DeBlasio and his side kick, Parks Commisioner, Mitch Sliver. Continue reading

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