Rachael Pazdan’s HYPNOCRAFT Presents…

Cultural innovator Rachael Pazdan, founder of Brooklyn-based HYPNOCRAFT, has been organizing artistically interdisciplinary performances at a grassroots level since she was a 19-year-old SUNY Purchase College student.

Her latest project is a monthly residency called At the Inn. She also curated The Hum, the popular, hypnotic series, back in April.

This month’s At the Inn event is called the Manhattan Vampire’s Club and is an homage to Hollywood Vampires like John Lennon and Harry Nilsson. It takes place Monday, July 13th at 8:30 pm at Manhattan Inn (632 Manhattan Ave.) Continue reading

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CMJ 2013 Preview – North Brooklyn

The CMJ festival is nearly upon us once again. Offering hundreds of bands and a variety of industry panels, it’s one of the city’s biggest annual musical moments.

Looking over the options can be overwhelming. There’s simply too much music happening between October 15th and 19th. However, I choose to see this as a good thing. I’ve pored over the schedule and come up with some recommendations to save you all a little time. My focus is naturally on North Brooklyn, though I’ll acknowledge there will be plenty happening at many venues in the Lower East Side should you feel the need to venture out for some reason. Also, I’m basing this on officially listed showcases, but just know there are going to be plenty of unofficial shows, day parties, after parties, random street performances, etc. Continue reading

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