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BEWARE the Gritty South!

My beard is more authentic. No, mine is!

Oh New York Times Style Section, how  you love to make generalizing statements about this mysterious land called Williamsburg, a mystical place where millennials and yuppies hold hands and dance on sparkling rainbows made of trust funds and artisanal cheese, where mustachio-d baristas mate with mixologists in industrial condos purchased with their parent’s pocket change.

First you dress up a reporter (a self-described “middle-aged avowed Manhattanite”)  in plaid and send him to purchase a $225 t-shirt and ride a fixed gear bicycle in search of the real Williamsburg experience (so real). Now you inform us that Grand Street is the Williamsburg equivalent of the Mason-Dixon line, cleaving the neighborhood into two: a sleek, moneyed “North Williamsburg” and a gritty, hyper-authentic “South Williamsburg.

Do you continue to publish these articles just to capitalize on the web traffic generated by people googling the word “Williamsburg”?

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