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Mulchfest: Annual Tree Abandonment & Slaughter – This Weekend! (1/12 & 13) – VIDEO!

Don’t trash your tree, abandon it at McCarren Park, where it will be slaughtered in a chipper in the spirit of Christmas!

Mulchfest takes place Sat. & Sun. January 12-13th from 10am-2pm, in McCarren Park (Driggs Ave & Lorimer St) where they will chip your tree and give you a free bag of mulch!

Or you can drop if off from Wed. 1/19 – Sun. 1/13 at McGolrick Park (Driggs Ave & Monitor St) or McCarren Park (Driggs Ave & Lorimer St)

Even easier, just abandon your tree curbside for sanitation to pick-up anytime until Sat. 1/12 to be chipped and mulched.

Watch our short video below for a great way to get your tree out the door window without making a huge mess!

Why mulch? According to the city, “all of the trees will be chipped into mulch that will be used as ground cover to nourish plantings across the City.”

Remember: remove tree stands, tinsel, lights, and ornaments from trees before dropping them off or placing them out for collection. DO NOT PLACE TREES IN PLASTIC BAGS. 

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Christmas Tree Drama: Sunday Snaps

Christmas trees are so dramatic and vain. Cut me down and put all these lights and ornaments on me so everyone oohs and aahs when they see me! And your stupid cats want to get up all in me, but they can’t – what losers. Adorn me with all those fancy presents and make sure you water me four times per day. When you leave – turn the lights off or I might burn down your entire house. After all that, chip me and leave me for compost! But you can’t get rid of me, because I’m going to leave sharp needles all around your house that will cut your toes all summer. Merry Christmas!

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