Album Review: ‘Moth’ by Chairlift

Caroline Polachek from Chairlift, doing her best La Roux impression.

Moth is the third album from Chairlift, a band composed of Greenpoint residents. It’s a breezily-pleasant release, their first since 2012’s Something. Out January 22nd via Columbia Records, the album, while not groundbreaking, fills a need for apolitical, genuine, carefree and casual pop.

Maintaining their relevancy as a North-Brooklyn “indie-pop” band well after their 2008 track Bruises became popular and a ipod Nano commercial,  Chairlift continues to craft anxious-yet-exciting love songs that capture a particular moment of transition.

By that I mean moments like the excitement of the first glimmer of the city lights on a Friday night, or experiencing New York for the first time, or the awkward ginger-ale-like-fizzy-feeling of hopeful danger when  starting to fall in love. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, Greenpoint — The Hook-Up 12/25

Presumably Santa's house. Photo: DNAinfo
Presumably Santa’s house. Photo: DNAinfo

You’ve seen the gingerbread house on Humboldt Street — now meet the man behind the candy cane trim.

It may be too late to look, but it’s not too late to read on in horror. Here’s a closer look at what motivates the man who got up close and personal with Newtown Creek’s cesspool of puke.

The votes are in and the funds are allocated. Here’s the next batch of projects that will be funded by the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund (also known as ExxonMobil hush money). Here’s a closer look at one of them: the Greenpoint Monitor Museum, which celebrates the history of a Civil War ship built and launched from West Street in 1862. Continue reading

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