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Is the Gas Leak on Moultrie Street a ‘Disaster Waiting to Happen?’

Photo: Thomas Handschiegel
Photo: Thomas Handschiegel

An ongoing gas leak on Moultrie Street isn’t just a literal and figurative headache to neighbors. It’s also raising concerns over the prospect of worse complications, including the ghost of National Grid Bureaucratic Nightmares Yet To Come.

Local resident Thomas Handschiegel notified Greenpointers about the leak, which he says has been festering for over a month, and to little avail from National Grid.

Large cut-outs in the street in front of 15 Moultrie Street — plus a strong lingering odor — are “extremely disconcerting given the fact that there are a lot of smokers in the area, and it appears to be a disaster waiting to happen,” said Handschiegel. Continue reading

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