Brew n’ Chew & Kings County Corn Bowl – Food & Beer Competitions this Sunday 9/16 in Greenpoint

There are two food competitions happening this Sunday 9/16/12 right here in Greenpoint and Greenpointers will be at both!

Brew n’ Chew @ The Diamond (43 Franklin St) 3-5pm, $25

Greenpointers covered last year’s Brew n’ Chew, a home brewing and food pairing competition. It was delicious and a good time. This year’s competitive food items will include home made pretzels with home made mustard, sausage and pickled pepper pizza, onion tart, duck pistols and a brown ale/sesame seed cracker with hazelnut smoked blue cheese and dark cherry compote. And lots of home made beer to boot! All proceeds will be donated to The New York Charter School.


Kings County Corn Bowl @ TBD (224 Franklin St) 2-5pm, $15

Nature’s most versatile vegetable is the guest of honor at this local celebration of food, music and moonshine. The Brooklynauts, our friends who judged the espresso tour with us, will be there, along with twelve of the city’s most innovative chef cooking off freshly prepared dishes of NY State Corn, along with games, live music from the Sundelles and a raffle. Proceeds from the event will go toward launching a new competitive cooking league and the Food Bank of New York City. The Brooklyn Star will also be preparing chicken n’ waffle cones!


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An excellent espresso is a cafe’s best business card. On Sunday October 2, 2011, Rebecca from I love Greenpoint, Mike & Charlie from Brooklynauts and I tasted a total of 19 espressos from every cafe* in Greenpoint in order to determine the champion of the Greenpointers 2011 Espresso Tour. The density of outstanding espressos in this neighborhood was impressive and made the tour difficult to judge, but we have a winner!

Greenpointers Espresso Tour Map

Each cafe was notified and generously donated 3 espressos. We judged using the following score sheet adapted from the World Barista Championship:

• COLOR OF CREMA (hazelnut, dark brown, reddish reflection)  0/10  ___
• CONSISTENCY & PERSISTENCE OF CREMA*                        0/10  ___
• TASTE BALANCE (harmonious balance of sweet/acidic/bitter)  0/10  ___
• TACTILE BALANCE (full bodied, round, smooth)               0/10  ___
• TEMPERATURE** (hot but not too hot to drink)               0/10  ___
0/50  ___

• CORRECT ESPRESSO CUPS USED (60-90mL w/handle)              YES/NO
• SERVED WITH ACCESSORIES (spoon, napkin & water)            YES/NO
/2   ___

After judges’ individual scores were added, the highest possible score was 156. Results ranged between 97-142. (Only the top 3 scores are revealed.)

*We were unable to contact Ashbox and the cafe was closed on Sunday.



*** 1st Place: Cup on Norman ***

Top Score: 142

2nd Place: Upright ( Score: 139)

3rd Place: Grumpy & Champion (Scores: 138 each)


Best on Franklin St: Veronica People’s Club
Best on Manhattan Ave: Upright
Best near McGolrick Park: Variety
Best Overall Experience: Veronica People’s Club
Best Coffee Bar: Troost
Best Presentation: Le Gamin & Cafecito Bogota
Hottest Barista: Janna at Van Leeuwen
Best Team: Cookie Road
Most Unassuming: Garden Spot Cafe
Most Charming: Milk & Roses
Best Value: Royal & VPC ($2)

Congratulations to CUP, the 2011 Greenpointers Espresso Tour Champion!

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