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Greenpointers’ Street Safety Tips! Plus Community Safety Meeting Monday (8/19)

It’s easy to forget that Greenpoint is situated in a massive city, especially when we feel as safe in our neighborhood as we do. But, that’s just it–we live in a city of over 8 million people. And the unfortunate reality of being in an urban center is that we have to be extra aware of our surroundings and take some precautions to ensure that we don’t encounter a potentially dangerous situation.

That’s not to say that you should board up your windows and hide out in your basement with a transistor radio and tinfoil hat. These are common sense suggestions, most of which you are already know. But, given the recent spike in crime in the area (especially the terrifying home invasions on Monday night), we thought we’d share some helpful tips from our friends at the 94th precinct and The Anti-Violence Project. Continue reading

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Feeling Unsafe in Greenpoint? Let Brooklyn Bike Patrol Walk You Home! (THEY ALSO NEED VOLUNTEERS!)

While waiting for Jay Ruiz, founder of Brooklyn Bike Patrol, to answer the phone I listened to the Batman theme song. BAT-ASS!

Does bike patrol serve Greenpoint?

Jay told me if your are a woman and feel unsafe walking home at night in Greenpoint, he or one of his volunteers will be there to walk you safely to your home.

With the recent Greenpoint woman missing and the rape that occurred in June, many women out there might be feeling nervous at night, which is why this service is a great resource, one that we should use but one we should also volunteer our time for if we can.

Jay told me that Brooklyn Bike Patrol has been “begging for people to volunteer.” Come on Greenpoint, you can do this!

Here is how it works:

Before you get on the train and 45 min before you will get off at your stop call this number: 718-744-7592.

The dispatcher will let you know who will be picking you up and you can check out Brooklyn Bike Patrol’s Facebook page to find out what your Bike Patrol volunteer looks like. If you don’t you will be able to identify him or her as they wear a Brooklyn Bike Patrol uniform.

In August Brooklyn Bike Patrol is available Thursday (8pm-Midnight) and Friday and Saturday nights (9pm-4am).

In September Brooklyn Bike Patrol will be on call every day of the week.

This service is totally FREE and they will not accept tips.

As Jay said, a safe walk home is only, “a phone call away.”

Aside from Greenpoint Brooklyn Bike Patrol serves:

Bushwick, Williamsburg, Bedford Stuyvesant, Clinton Hill, Ft. Greene, Dumbo, Propect Heights, Carroll Garden, Red Hook, Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Kensington, Ditnas Park, Sunset Park, Bensonhurst, Dyker Heights & Borough Park.


If you would (and should) like to volunteer, call Brooklyn Bike Patrol at 718-744-7592 after 6pm. You must not have a criminal record and be willing to give a copy of your license and other personal information, plus be willing to provide a background check.

Stay safe, Greenpoint!

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