Valentine’s Market 2013 Recap & Photos!

While we were spray painting beer bottles in a blizzard to adorn the back wall of From The Source for our Valentine’s Market on Saturday, I said to the crew, “it doesn’t matter how it looks, nobody is going to see it anyway.” So much for encouragement and optimism!

Our vendors fought the snow and ice and set up their lovely tables and just as noon struck the sun came out and all our wonderful Greenpointers friends miraculously showed up for a truly magical day.

Also, our raffle raised over $500 for our Writer’s Fund! Thanks to all who bought tickets and to the great businesses who donated prizes!

Check out more photos and of course, the photo booth photos!

Thanks to all our vendors, From The SourceBrooklyn BreweryBoylan Bottling CoDandelion WineCafe GrumpyKRRBPie Corps, all our amazing volunteers, Kelly & FallonJ.Hollis Styles, Marofoto and Victoria for putting it all together!

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Today is crappy but this video will cheer you right up! Lewis Black is shakey and insane and hilarious. When I got home last night from a vegan animal art exhibition and drank wines made from humanely harvested organic local sustainable grapes, I watched this and almost died. Tim Donnelly from Brokelyn scooped it first, but there is enough laughter to go around on this one! Why are self-deprecating hipster jokes so funny?

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