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24 Hour Zine Challenge at Booklyn Begins Today 7/27 Until Sunday 7/28

Of course I came upon this 24 Hour Zine Challenge Poster haphazardly taped to a piece of plywood on a construction site on Nassau Ave. That is how the DIY art scene in Greenpoint and local blogging work together – like a treasure hunt.

This collaborative event that starts today looks really fun and exciting. Get your zine on, Greenpoint!

Booklyn Artists Alliance (37 Greenpoint Ave) is celebrating International Zine Month with a 24 Hour Zine Challenge that asks zinesters to create a 24-page zine from conception to final product in 24 hours straight.

Saturday July 27th, 2013 will be an afternoon full of exquisite panel-to-panel & page-to-page collaboration, jam comics, zine guides for radical protest, and art slamming action.

Stop in any time to collaborate, stay all night if you like. Some tools and materials will be provided. Booklyn will print a small run of the collaborative zine at the end of the session. (We will begin printing the final zine at 8am Sunday).

1pm SATURDAY 7/27– 1pm SUNDAY 7/28

Saturday, 1-7PM: with Ariana Misfeldt (Booklyn), Rich Lee (zine archivist)
Saturday, 7pm – Sunday 12am: with Maya Taylor (Booklyn)
Sunday, 12AM – 1PM: with Aimee Lusty (zine curator), Jason Roy (artist)

For more information email or call maya (at) / 718-383-9621.

I can’t wait to see the final zine!

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Best of NY Art Book Fair 2012

On the first weekend of October, just over the Pulaski Bridge, 283 independent book-sellers, indie publishers, artists, zine makers, and their enviably hip brethren gathered at the NY Art Book Fair to trade, sell, and share their mutual love of print.

As you can imagine, hundreds of booths, teaming with well-designed books and well-designed people who want tell you about their well-designed books can be overwhelming. It’s like browsing a great quaint, independent book store and then realizing that it happens to be the size of a three-story school-turned-museum with a massive tent that has even more books and is somehow filled with a crowd of the coolest, artsiest, all-around hippest people you’ve ever seen in your life (which is notable, considering you live in Brooklyn).  It’s mathematically impossible to see/browse/read it all, unless you spent three full days flipping pages, in which case you would probably work yourself into an art book induced frenzy (obsessively binding xerox copies of visual haikus until you can no longer eat or sleep).








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