Greenpoint And Williamsburg Housing Lotteries Open Now

434 Manhattan Ave.

The affordable housing gods have two current offerings in Greenpoint and Williamsburg for you to try your luck and apply for.

At 434 Manhattan Ave. there are two affordable apartments available. The one bedroom apartment is going for $985 per month and the two bedroom apartment is $1,114 per month. Income requirements range from $33,772 – $43,860 for single applicants for the one bedroom apartment, and from $38,195 – $50,100 for two applicants for the two bedroom apartment.

434 Manhattan Ave. income requirements

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We May Have Just Found the Worst Slumlord in Brooklyn

Slumlord Malina Nealis

The first time I saw Malina Nealis, it was in a the video below, where she is recorded beating the cameraman with a file folder, yelling in a thick Eastern European accent ‘Don’t take the pictures of me!'”

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Design Ideas: Nook Shelves

Many old houses in Greenpoint have an old chimney shaft sticking out into the room leaving little nooks on each side. My apartment has one closet and not much cabinet space, leaving me no room for a pantry. For a while I stuck an ugly ill assembled Ikea cabinet in the nook, but everyone made fun of me for it.

I decided to put custom shelves in the nook instead. I called upon the impeccable carpentry services of local artist and carpenter Scott Chasse (WEBCATS!) and he came over, took a few measurements and came back and installed these awesome shelves.
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