52 Portraits

Greenpoint Portrait: Joe Lentol & Brook The Cat

Assemblyman Joe Lentol is one of my favorite Greenpointers, not only because he is supportive of the arts community, the local food movement and an animal lover, but because the first time I met Joe he attended a water balloon fight fundraiser for Greenpoint Open Studios. (I know you want it back! We do, too!)

His office is pretty rad with 70s wood paneling galore and his office cat Brook (short for Brooklyn) is the friendliest office greeter, ready to sit on your lap for major cuddling sessions.

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Greenpoint Portrait: Warren Baker

It seems like everywhere I go I run into a Greenpointer – even in Hawley, Pennsylvania. We stopped into a “sub” shop called Fluff’s, (what a name!) and enjoyed a mean grilled cheese. Shop owner Warren chatted us up. He was a cop in the Rockaways until he retired to rural PA, and he grew up in Greenpoint. He remembers when McGuinnes Blvd was called Oakland St. He said a lot of people eventually moved from Greenpoint to Pennsylvania for work after the rope factories were closing in the neighborhood.

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Portrait Week # 6: Paulie Gee

paulie gee
Paulie Gee © 2013 Jennifer Galatioto

Paulie Gee and Mary Ann (Mrs. Gee) and Jon and I do brunch double dates every so often. It’s a great time! I shot this portrait of Mr. Gee at M. Shanghai. If you go there, get the eggplant salad. If you go with Paulie, make sure to order two. He died over it.

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Greenpoint Portrait Week #4: Mark Straiton

© 2013 Jennifer Galatioto

If you follow me on Instagram (@greenpointers) you know that I have NOT been in Greenpoint. For the past two weeks, Jon and I went on a fantastic birding trip to sunny Florida and visited the southern most Greenpointer: “Cowboy Mark” Straiton. I don’t need to give Mark an introduction since he is a legendary Greenpointer, a renowned DJ, an antique genius, a brilliant chef and an all around awesome friend. I will tell you he is already the most popular dude in Key West! Not surprising.

If you want to see more photos from our trip, use hashtag #jenjonfl2013 on Instagram. (Warning: lots of birds AND awesome vintage and antique finds!)

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Portrait Week #3: Mark Chroscielewski of Warsaw

When I met with Warsaw’s general manager Mark Chroscielewski to talk about hosting Greenpointers events at Warsaw, I met the nicest guy and discovered the most amazing space. I had to take his portrait. I learned that Mark’s father was on the board of Polish National Home for over 40 years and Mark actually founded the Warsaw, turning what many think to be a private club into a venue for some amazing rock concerts. (I saw Gogol Bordello there and the Dead Milkmen are coming in March…)

Make sure to come to our Escape The Doldrums Dance Party on 2/1!

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Portait Week #2: Dishan Elise

© 2013 Jennifer Galatioto

I decided to include Dishan in the weekly portrait series, first because she is gorgeous and a real character, but also because she is part of my weekly butt kicking series at her business [email protected], where she trains me. I asked Dishan a few questions:

Why GP?

I fell in love with GP about 5 years ago and I knew I wanted to open my business here. There is such an awesome sense of community. You have this amazing blend of people that gives GP that trendy feel but still with some original NY attitude.

Where do you get your daily coffee?

I usually make my own in my french press … but if I don’t, I usually order from 5 Leaves or Lokal. They are the close by.

Favorite Junkfood?

I am a sucker for anything with almond paste.

What is your favorite exercise?

That would have to be the deadlift using a trap bar. Sometimes my workout consists of just that one exercise and I am fried! I understand many of your readers don’t know what this exercise is, but believe me when I tell you, you can get an amazing full body workout in under 7 minutes with just this ONE exercise!! No joke.

Favorite place in GP?

Hmmm, this is a tough one! There are so many great places in GP and all the local businesses take such pride in their establishments and do their best to make you feel so welcome! I really couldn’t pick just one. But if I was forced to choose, I love being here at my own business in GP because it’s such a stress-free environment and I get to make others feel welcome.

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Greenpoint Portrait Week 1: Mrs. Arcadia Garcia

portrait greenpoint brooklyn
© J. Galatioto, 2012

Originally from Puerto Rico, living and raising her family in Greenpoint since 1978, Mrs. Garcia, by far one of my favorite Greenpointers, holds down Kingsland Ave. She invited us into her apartment on New Year’s Eve, shared with us her amazing yellow rice and chicken and showed us photos of her 11 grandchildren.

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