Sunday Snaps

Sunday Snaps: Oh That Greenpoint Siding!

I remember having a conservation with a architectural historian about Greenpoint. He remarked at how beautiful our landmarked blocks are and I said, “how about landmarking the siding? That is quintessential Greenpoint!” And Connie O’s, of course.

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Sunday (Late Night) Snaps: Chris Uphues’ Hearts Everywhere!

Seems like no matter where I go I see one of Chris Uphues’ happy heart wheat pastes. I’m not complaining. Bright and colorful with big dark eyes – they make my brain happy!

Chris UphuesBy far my favorite placement is outside the Nassau G stop.

His work looks fantastic at Beaner Bar (447 Graham Ave.).
Chris showed at Fountain Art Fair this weekend.
I’m loving this gold heart on the north end of Manhattan Ave.

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Sunday Snaps: Wizard Skull

While on a walk in South Williamsburg I saw this amazing Egyptian Ronald McDonald wheat paste by Wizard Skull. Of course I instagrammed it and Wizard Skull sent me more twisted and disturbing Ronald McDonald drawings. The genius doesn’t stop there, as you can see with Freddy Kreuger as Skeletor and Abe Lincoln with a Rick Ross tattoo. Follow @wizardskull

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Christmas Tree Drama: Sunday Snaps

Christmas trees are so dramatic and vain. Cut me down and put all these lights and ornaments on me so everyone oohs and aahs when they see me! And your stupid cats want to get up all in me, but they can’t – what losers. Adorn me with all those fancy presents and make sure you water me four times per day. When you leave – turn the lights off or I might burn down your entire house. After all that, chip me and leave me for compost! But you can’t get rid of me, becauseĀ I’m going to leave sharp needles all around your house that will cut your toes all summer. Merry Christmas!

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