Weekend Music Picks: A How-To Guide for Going Crazy at the Club

Mike Servito plays Output
Mike Servito plays Output

This weekend’s music picks are dedicated to our favorite dance and club music around town. We’ve also provided some advice about clubbing properly, sourced from some classic songs about the experience.

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Greenpoint Hip Hop: Hand Job Academy Interview + Video

Greenpoint Hip Hop Artists: Hand Job Academy © Fabian Palencia

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Hand Job Academy is vivacious trio of MC’s that came together for one common cause: to fuck shit up.  Their Kicktarter campaign to create a music video for their song “Lena Dunham” was successfully funded this past weekend. I recently had a chance to chop it up with them on a rooftop in Greenpoint, where we discussed Hip Hop, having porn actor as fans, E-40 and touring. Continue reading

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02.05.14 Mixtape // Hand Job Academy

Laura June Kirsch ©

Clara Bizna$$ of conscious hip-hop group Hand Job Academy lassoed together this week’s playlist. It’s the audio equivalent to a private room party. Well, not that kind of private room party. But still a little.

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Music: Kendrick Lamar at Williamsburg Park

Last Tuesday night Kendrick Lamar took the stage at Brooklyn outdoor venue, Williamsburg Park following opening performances by Brooklyn rapper Bishop Nehru and fellow Black Hippy crew members Jay Rock and Ab-Soul.  Lamar, on what seemed like a victory lap following a year of never ending peaks, swaggered his way through feature spots on other artists’ work to songs from his previous few albums, including last year’s major label debut good kid, m.A.A.d city. Continue reading

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“I don’t want it to be gangster. It’s where I live” – Greenpoint Rapper Can’t Stop Atson

© Jen Galatioto, Tattoos by PANDA

You’ve had this conversation before: a friend describes someone from Greenpoint, “a young white dude, covered in tattoos,” but that’s every guy in Greenpoint and needs some elaboration. She continues with “beard, rides a bike,” and you’re still stumped.

The Greenpointer I am describing is 18 year old Derek Atson, an enthusiastic and friendly young guy who was born and raised on Monitor St. He proudly shows off his huge chest tattoos of the old Greenpoint tanks and the G-train. And he raps about the neighborhood he loves.

His stage name is Can’t Stop Atson and he recently won a Def Jam Showcase, an esteemed accomplishment for any budding MC. Continue reading

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Chris Brown and Drake? How sad.

As if you needed any more indication that hip hop is in a bad place right now, the Drake Chris Brown saga solidifies this fact.  The music that once brought us such great rivalries as Nas VS Jay Z, Mc Shan VS KRS One, NWA Vs Ice Cube, Eazy E Vs Dr Dre, now gives us Drake and chris Brown? How sad.  First of all, the Lil Kim Nikki Minaj beef was more interesting and relevant since it involved the typical bullshit that rappers beef about like stealing one’s style, trying to stay relevant, or trying to hold on to their “throne”.  Plus I think Lil Kim would smack the shit out of Chris Brown and Drake at the same time
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You aint that gangster, trust me.

56 years before Sean “Puffy” Combes went into Steve Stout’s office accompanied by several burly bodyguards and allegedly smashed him over the head with a champagne bottle, a percussionist named Chano Pozo went to his music publicists office in New
York City and trashed it over unpaid royalties.  When he returned a day later, the publicists bodyguard shot him three times in the back. Continue reading

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History Lesson: “Ancient” Hip Hop

The most intriguing thing about hip hop music is that for at least the first 3 years of it’s existence, it was not professionally recorded.  Unlike any other genre of music created since recorded music became a commodity, in the very early days of it’s existence, there are no known surviving recordings of hip hop. That is because during the formative years of hip hop you needed to go to a party to hear it spun by a DJ.

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