Tomcats Barbershop

Tomcats-Barbershop_Logo_180 In our eyes, an unapologetic picky taste is a good trait to have. It forces you to seek authenticity in every part of your life, which tends to lead to some interesting discoveries. To us, there’s nothing more interesting and authentic than vintage American style: it is rich with some of the most inspiring and badass aesthetics on this planet. And no one is known better for keeping that alive in Greenpoint, Brooklyn than Tomcats Barbershop®. Not surprisingly, Tomcats is also known for the several Harley-Davidson motorcycles constantly parked upfront. Tomcats Barbershop® is pompadours and the classic american styles that rely on copious amounts of pomade. Retro is the new modern.

135 India St.
Brookyn, NY 11222

(718) 349-9666

Mon-Sat | 11am-9pm
Sun | 11am-7pm


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