Budin_Logo_180Búðin is a Nordic coffee shop, beer bar, and design goods store in the vibrant and historic neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The concept was born by three friends who wanted to share their lineage and love of the Nordics with their current home of New York. The name Búðin (pronounced “Boo-th-in”), is Icelandic for “The Shop” and represents how when you walk into our space, there is something for everyone.

114 Greenpoint Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

(347) 844-9639

Mon -Thur | 7am-12am
Fri – Sat | 8am-1am
Sun | 8am-12am


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“Keen to sample the next best thing, I opted for an aeropress version of the Ethiopian-sourced Wendelboe coffee. Served in a conical flask on a silver tray, the drink comes with a nugget of  Lakrids licorice and  turned out to be one of the finest hot drinks I’d ever tasted.” …Continue Reading: New Nordic Cafe Budin Serves up NYC’s Most Extravagant Latte


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  1. Arianna says:

    Something happened to Boudin. Do you have details??


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