22 Teeth

22Teeth_Logo_18022Teeth started as a research and drawing exploration of early 20th century history and its innovative technologies. Early mechanical innovations from the Industrial Revolution through WWII provided an immense source of inspiration in each of the drawings. All of the items featured in the prints are a tip of the hat to the blood, sweat and tears that went into the designing, fabricating and operating of these historically ingenious machines. More importantly, I focus on items that are analog and gear driven, whose historical impact set a new type of standard in its field, shaping the way in which we live and communicate.

The commonality between each of these renderings is that each item depicted is driven and actuated by grease and gears; gears that have varying numbers of teeth. Information on these items is compiled by ways of old photographs and drawings, through which newly re-imagined and composed drawings are then produced. The drawings are then formatted and printed via letterpress, which is the oldest type of printing still used today and is also—you guessed it—an analog, gear-driven machine in and of itself.


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