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Xi’an Famous Foods, Greenpoint Cheese + Meat and other Tasty Tidbits

Greenpoint Cheese + Meat is now open!

There’s plenty happening in Greenpoint’s food and drink scene right now. Here’s a few things you should know about:

NOW OPEN: Greenpoint Cheese + Meat
Greenpoint Cheese + Meat softly opened their doors last week. We will have full coverage of all their tasty wares soon but in the meantime you should pop in and check out their delicious meats and cheeses for yourself (not to mention the fresh loaves from Bakeri)!
The store is at 192 Driggs Ave and is currently open from 12-7pm Tuesday-Sunday (though these times are likely to change in the coming weeks…we will keep you updated). Continue reading

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Spring! Terrarium Class at The Diamond Bar – Next Sunday (3/16)

Next Greenpointers Terrarium Class at Diamond (3/16)

It’s time to get ready for Spring (we promise it will eventually come and it will be glorious!) Spruce up your dark and tiny apartment with a bright and happy living terrarium. And if you suck at plants, don’t worry terrariums are super easy NOT to kill. Continue reading

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Gift Terrariums at Holiday Market!!! (12/8)

We are offering two GIFT TERRARIUM workshops with Claire in the loft during our Holiday Market on 12/8/13. Learn to create gorgeous woodland plants terrariums and take home two gift sized mason jar terrariums. A gift for a friend and one to keep! Self-giving is very important during the crazy holiday time and terrariums are gifts that keep on giving!

*$45, Includes plants, materials and beer! (Space is limited.)

• Reserve: 12/8/13 – 1:30pm - SOLD OUT

• Reserve: 12/8/13 – 4pm

*Reservations are non-refundible

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$5 OFF Brunch at Diamond Tomorrow!

I am so excited for tomorrow’s first Sunday Brunch with Clean Plate Co. at my favorite bar – Diamond Bar! I’d love for you to come too – so here is $5 OFF the price.
Our Sunday dining series is popping up at The Diamond (43 Franklin St) this Sunday October 6, 2013 at noon with an elaborate three course brunch by Clean Plate Co.!

If the weather is perfect, we will brunch in the yard!

Clean Plate really makes the most delicious shrimp n’ grits that I have ever had, so I can only imagine how fantastic brunch appetizer and brunch dessert will be! Complimentary beer or wine also included.


• Chevre Stuffed Baby Heirloom Tomatoes w/ Garlic-Herb Crumbs & Anchovy Vinaigrette

• Cajun Shrimp & Creamy “Stone Ground” Grits

• Cran-Apple Tarts, Pecan-Crumble, Local Honey, Whipped Cream

• Choice of Beer or Wine

$35 - Price Reduced - $30 Today Only!


*Reserve Supper (Space is limited) via paypal.

*Reservations are non-refundible.

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Sunday BRUNCH #10 with Clean Plate Co. at The Diamond (10/6)

Nothing is more Sunday than brunch! So for our 10th Sunday Supper Edition, Clean Plate Co. is preparing a delicious three course brunch at The Diamond (43 Franklin St) on October 6, 2013 from noon-2pm. That’s right – brunch dessert, plus booze! That’s a happy Sunday.

I have personally had Clean Plate Co.’s grits TWICE (because I am now a stalker) and am obsessed with a capital O!


• Chevre Stuffed Baby Heirloom Tomatoes w/ Garlic-Herb Crumbs & Anchovy Vinaigrette

• Cajun Shrimp & Creamy “Stone Ground” Grits

• Cran-Apple Tarts, Pecan-Crumble, Local Honey, Whipped Cream

• Choice of Beer or Wine


*Reserve Supper (Space is limited)

*Reservations are non-refundible.

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Terrarrium Class with Claire at Diamond (5/12) – SOLD OUT

Don’t be jealous of your friends who have green thumbs and gardens; brighten up your apartment with a gorgeous green thriving world! Come make a terrarium and drink beer at Diamond Bar (43 Franklin St) on Sunday May 12, 2013 from 5-7pm, with Claire. All supplies are included, plus a beer. For $50, come empty handed and leave with a beautifully made-by-you terrarium filled with ferns, decorative stones, pretty moss, and enjoy a complimentary Sly Fox!

The terrarium I made over a year ago, thanks to Claire is still thriving and I have somehow managed to keep my evil cat from destroying it! I am very proud of it and know you will enjoy yours for a long time, too.


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Crawfish Boil & Sweat Lodge @ Diamond (3/24)

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Yes, I said sweat lodge. And crawfish boil. And I personally promise that the fat hairy men in the photo above will not be there – sadly! (Do they even know that this photo exists on the magical interweb?)

This Sunday March 24, 2013 at The Diamond (43 Franklin St) at 3pm, the Center for Investigative Research is presenting The Double Boiler! They “provide the sweat-lodge, plunge-pool, and shaman–you just bring your bathing suit and your sinful self,” … and a towel. The sweaty part is free. The fishy part, “a genuine Crawfish Boil for those who like their schvitz a bit fishy…” they say, “costs money.” How much? I don’t know! RSVP.

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Sunday Supper #3 With Chef Annie Berger at Diamond (Homemade Tater Tots!) 3/3 – SOLD OUT

The recent Sunday Suppers have been such a blast, and tickets have sold out in one day, so if you want to get in on major homemade tater tot action, plus other amazing dishes by Chef Annie Berger on March 3, 2013, from 7-9pm at Diamond Bar (43 Franklin St) – don’t wait!


Shaved Brussels Sprouts Slaw / Creamy Garlic / Parmesan Crisp
Puff Pastry Hot Dog / Onion Bacon Jam
Homemade Tater Tots
Carrot Cake Whoopie Pie
Selected Beer or Wine



*Tickets are non-refundible.

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Happy Cake People – Thanks For A Great Year! (Photos!)

happy cake peopleThanks to everyone: readers, sponsors and contributors for making this first year since I took over the blog an amazing one! And thanks for coming out and eating cake!

Special thanks to Diamond for hosting the party, Ovenly for making cake, Paulie Gee for surprising us with pizza, all the lovely bubbly from Dandelion Wine, Grapepoint Wine and Milk and Roses and the unexpected certificate from Assemblyman Joe Lentol!

More pictures here. Tag yourselves!

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Brew n’ Chew Recap

This Sunday was a gorgeous day for the Brew n’ Chew food competition at The Diamond, when 6 teams competed with their best home brew and food pairing, which was judged by  guests and all proceeds (over $1700!) were donated to NY Harbor School which has an Aquaculture curriculum structured around growing oysters to restore NY Harbor. That sounds like the coolest school I have ever heard of!

My beer palate has grown since last year, and this year’s teams really brought there A-games. As always I am distracted by all the food, which was really impressive this year, too.

There were three categories to vote: Best Beer, Best Food & Best Pairing, but guests could only vote for a separate team in each category. If I had my way I would have voted for the same team in all categories. Strong Rope Brewery was my first and best taste. They made a slightly sweet Brown Ale perfectly paired with Black Sesame Seed and Hawaiian Sea Salt Brittle with Hazelnut Bleu Cheese and Dark Cherry Compote. Now that was a lot of words to say deliciously awesome! If you give me sweet bleu cheese cream, I’ll give you my heart! Continue reading

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